Depth Media was founded in 2015. We’ve directed and produced broadcast commercials, branded content, and mini-documentaries for clients such as American Express, National Association of Realtors, Shubb Capos, Northfield Mandolins, Starr CommonwealthPeridot Precision Manufacturing, Gerber Collision & Glass, Voyage-Air Guitars, New Holland Artisan Spirits, Albion Malleable Brewing, Michigan State University, Albion College, and many more. Depth Media is built on three pillars that truly support creating effective commercial video content. High production quality to engage the viewer and earn their trust, probing on-camera interviews and meticulous editing to assure clarity and succinctness, and a relentless dedication to distilling content to the core storytelling elements. Working with large and small clients, budgets, and timeframes, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible product within any given scenario.
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