Each campaign concept includes sample assets that could be utilized to create a consistent message and experience across all marketing channels. I'd recommend doing a bi-monthly campaign based on style (for example Jan/Feb = Royale, March/April = Noir etc). Product video, social media posts, sponsored content on advertiser websites, banner ads, Shubb emails, advertiser emails, and print ads all based on that style. Then after a couple of months move on to promoting the next style... 
Campaign Concept #1:
Product First with Artist Support
Print Ad Concepts
As you can see, the featured image can either be a general usage shot or an artist quote. So, for example, you could create a print ad featuring an artist photo/quote, then create and accompanying banner ads with simply a usage photo.
Banner Ad Concepts
The banner ads could either feature a studio or usage image, with rotating text calling out some of the bullet points in the print ads.
Campaign Concept #2:
Product Spotlight
This concept puts particular focus on the features and benefits of the product. Since Shubb has traditionally used artist quotes in print ads, this would be a new direction emphasizing the superior design and functionality. 
Print Ad Concepts
These print ads would echo the product videos that are currently in development–focusing on the "style" and calling out all of the specific features and design details that set Shubb apart.
Banner Ad Concepts
The banner ads would include simplified callouts. The link would lead through to a custom landing page based that would include the print ad graphic with the callouts, the accompanying product video, artists photos/videos using that particular capo, and obviously links to purchase.
Campaign Concept #3:
Artist Spotlight
This concept is similar to Shubb's past print ads—featuring an artist image/quote. The artists chosen for these are just random samples. Ideally, we'd feature new and upcoming artists, or very well-known artists that haven't been featured in Shubb communications previosly. 
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